WE SCAR install manual


1) Different Batch Of WE SCAR Nozzle Have Different Size . And the piston is NOT a round . If Your Nozzle Diameter Is 18.77mm It May Need Some Modify.

install 1


(The Easy Way To Identification Is That Need Modify Or Not , Is Take Off The Nozzle O-Ring , Put The Nozzle Into The Bolt Carrier ---* If Feel  Tighten , It May Need Some Modify , If Feel The Nozzle is Smaller Than Cylinder , It's Do Not Need Any Modify ^Skip To Setp 3^ . )


2)Ues Sand Paper To Grinding The Nozzle Where The Arrows Shows.

install 2

Becareful ! DO NOT Grinding The Gas Entry !!

install 3

Becareful ! DO NOT Grinding The Gas Entry !!


(Take Off The Nozzle O-Ring Before Grinding. Grinding The Nozzle Will Not Cause The Air Leak. )


3)Affter All Clean The Cylinder First Then Spray A Little Silicon-Spray Inside And Nozzle O-Ring .


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