TM G17/RMR Zero Housing Review


Today we will review one of the most important product of Guns Modify in 2016 .

Here is the all new Guns Modify Zero housing system for TM Glock .

Also we release the RMR version for all the RMR cut slide set base on TM G17 system .

e.g., PTS Atom kit , RWA Agency kit , Guns Modify SA kit and some RMR cut slide on the market .

Because they’re similar so we only review the G17 standard version .

Open the packing , we found these .

1, housing.

2, piston with install screw ( piston head not included ) .

3, changeable rear plate .

4, rear sight screw.

5, Steel hammer and stainless steel rotor .

6, Steel sear .

7, New design Sear and firing pin spring .

8, Steel level with SKD11 60HRC pin .

9, Steel level spring *2 ( 1 spare ) .

Let’s check the most important parts of this product .

Steel level with SKD11 60HRC pin. Please confirm the right way to install the level spring .

That’s it looks like when installed to the housing .

By the way here is the install manual of the Guns Modify G series separately sear/firing pin spring system .

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And we released the bearing hammer rotor for our Zero housing set , it also fit Marui stock hammer .

OK,let’s see how it works

When the slide going forward , the steel level swing and the slide back in place with very tiny resistan

( cause by little spring installed on the level ).


Almost the same function with our old zero hammer . 

Somebody will said , if the zero hammer will solve this problem why we keep working on it . 

Yes , zero hammer solve the slide recoil problem , but it cause some new . 

First is the aluminum rotor wear out so fast . It become to a unstable parts . 

Second when we change to a steel rotor , it break the nozzle housing . That will be a more expensive problem .

Aluminum rotor wear out very quick and the hammer can not lock .


Steel rotor breaks the nozzle housing .

People may ask , why we insist to make the slide back with no resistan ? 

Zero hammer ver 1,2,3, xxx and this ? Please check our test .


Here is the equipment , a digital push pull meter and some mount . Marui 100% hammer spring . Guarder 150%, APS 200% .

In this review we only use the stainless steel rotor comes with the set .

In order to reduce the interference , we take out the recoil spring and outer barrel / inner barrel set .

How our equipment works

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Test 1 , Marui stock hammer spring (100% ) .


Marui stock housing and hammer 7.21 N


Guns Modify Zero housing system 0.42N .

Test 2 , Guarder hammer spring ( 150% )

Marui stock housing and hammer 11.55 N .


Guns Modify Zero housing system 0.40N .

Test 3 APS 200% hammer spring ( Best for summer out door with green or CO2 , very heavy and never light strike ) .


Marui stock housing and hammer 18.61 N .

Guns Modify Zero housing system 0.44N . Still like nothing .


Test1 , 100% spring

Test2 , 150% spring

Test3 , 200% spring





Guns Modify




Because of the glock hammer housing room and the airsoft structure , TM glock have to use a over 150% hammer spring to make sure the hammer will not light strike when use green gas around 25℃ . But it’s still not sure in summer , especially out door . The problem is you have to use a over 150% recoil spring to make sure the slide will back in place . It will use more gas to push the slide and will reduce the blowback feel . That’s what we don’t want .

Bad cycle : light strike – strong hammer spring – strong recoil spring – use more gas / reduce blow back – use high pressure gas or gun become unstable – have to use high pressure gas or heat the mag - cause light strike .

The Zero system break the bad cycle , we don’t need strong recoil spring even you use the 200% spring .

And we think about the maulfunction problem , our system give you a chance to fix the sear lock problem without any tools .

When the gun use for a long time , the sear and hammer may have lock problem or some other reason cause the hammer can not lock when it blowback . Just like photo .

To solve this problem without tools .

Step 1 : push down the slide lock and push the slide forward until it stop by hammer (as this photo ).

Step 2 : Release the slide lock and cock the gun again .

Hope you enjoy with our review .


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